Perez Hilton has become the latest target as the public slam him for his comments on Kylie Jenner. The controversial celebrity reporter has reported on Kylie Jenner's supposed pregnancy. He has shared some extreme opinions about what he believes Jenner should do with her child and this has caused public outrage. Perez is known for creating drama through his news column and it appears that he feels no remorse for the upset he has caused among the public.

Hilton caused considerable controversy

According to Metro, Perez Hilton has been receiving severe backlash from the public after his comments about Kylie Jenner.

The news of Kylie's pregnancy has not yet been confirmed but fans are convinced that the celebrity model is hiding hit from the media. Hilton has claimed that Kylie got pregnant because she is empty inside.

Hilton then went on to state that Kylie Jenner should have gotten an abortion instead of choosing to keep her baby. The public was shocked at Perez's comment and have been posting their opinions about the matter online. They claimed that Perez's comment was completely uncalled for and that it is Kylie's choice whether or not she chooses to have her child.

In a report by the Daily Star, it has been confirmed that Perez Hilton is known for causing controversy. The celebrity reporter is extremely outspoken and loves to cause drama.

However, the public did not take his latest criticisms of Kylie Jenner well and it appears that he has lost a large following.

Kim Kardashian jealous of sister

According to Metro, Perez Hilton has also made some claims about another member of the Kardashian family. He has stated that Kim Kardashian is incredibly jealous of her younger sister Kylie Jenner.

Hilton stated that Kim does not want to share the limelight with her young sister and is struggling to accept her fame. It does not help that Kim could not carry her third child due to pregnancy dangers and has had to opt for a surrogate. Meanwhile, it appears that Kylie accidentally got pregnant.

In a report by the Daily Star, it has been revealed that Kylie Jenner has not revealed whether or not she is pregnant yet.

Kylie has been shying away from the media and has not been seen by paparazzi over the past few months. Jenner is still incredibly active online but does not post selfies, which include any space below the waist.

Fans are wondering if the confusion surrounding her potential child's paternity is the reason why she has not announced her pregnancy. The celebrity model split from her ex-boyfriend Tyga early in 2017 before getting with Travis Scott a few months later. There has been speculation as to who the father of the baby is as Tyga has claimed that it is his. However, Tyga has since rescinded those statements.

There have been rumors that the Kardashian family are planning to reveal their pregnancies during the Christmas Holidays but this has not been confirmed.