Anna Faris has recently given fans an insight into her life through her memoir titled "Unqualified." The memoir talks about several moments in Faris' life and delves into the terrifying experience of her son being born too early. Her now five-year-old son Jack faced some serious medical issues in the weeks after he was born and there were several questions raised about the Quality Of Life he might have. Fans were shocked to hear the news as neither Faris nor her ex Chris Pratt has talked about this before.

The actress opens up

According to the Daily Mail, actress Anna Faris has opened up about her son Jack's health problems.

The actress has written a memoir called "Unqualified" in which she talks about the horrors she and her ex Chris Pratt had to face when their son was born. Faris has revealed that her son suffered a very serious brain injury and was put in intensive care for the first few weeks of his life.

In a report by Red Book Magazine, the actress revealed that she did not think her son was going to live. She stated that after a few days the doctor called in her and her husband at the time. The doctor then revealed to them that due to the nature of the brain bleed Jack could grow up to be developmentally disabled. Faris was utterly shocked and devastated by the news.

The doctor explained the situation to the new parents and confirmed that they would not know any more until Jack reached eighteen months.

Faris recalled telling herself that she would have to be strong for her son until they could finally figure out what quality of life he was going to have. She stated that surprising the time their son was in intensive care actually succeeded in bringing her and Chris Pratt closer together.

Jack is not living with any serious disabilities

According to the Daily Mail, a month after Jack was born he was finally allowed to go home with his parents. Faris and Pratt were delighted to finally have their baby home. Jack has not suffered from any serious disabilities and is now five-years-old. Jack only suffers from some minor problems with his leg muscles and his vision but other than that he has been able to live a relatively normal childhood.

Unfortunately, for Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, their marriage has since fallen apart. The couple announced the news earlier this year 2017 and explained that they had tried for a long time to save their marriage. The couple confirmed that they still loved one another very much and that they were focusing on co-parenting Jack together.

It appears that Anna Faris has since moved on from Chris Pratt as she was recently spotted enjoying some quality time with Michael Barrett. Chris Pratt has not commented on his ex-wife's apparent relationship and has been focusing on spending some quality time with his son.