When it comes to making money, nothing is sacred these days. Patrick Swayze's widow is a living proof of that. It seems that Lisa Niemi (60) is in a war with Swayze's family for selling all of his stuff in an auction. The family even started a petition to stop her from losing all of their precious memories.

Patrick’s family started online petition to stop the auction

Niemi claims that the family has nothing to be angry about since all the things that are being sold in an auction were offered to them first. She claims that no one from the family wanted Patrick's things, so she decided to sell them.

However, the family claims that ever since Patrick passed away eight years ago, Lisa didn't even try to contact them.

Danielle Swayze (32), Patrick's niece, claims Niemi hit rock bottom with this. She even started an online petition to stop her, but it wasn't a success. Danielle says she will make Lisa's life a living hell and calls her bad names, which only proves just how angry everyone in the family is because of the auction.

Precious memories might get lost forever

Niemi decided to sell 234 of the Patrick's most famous items in an auction. One of the things on the list is a wig Swayze wore when he lost his hair due to chemotherapy. Other things you can find on the list are Patrick’s awards, costumes and things from the movies he was in, such as Harley Davidson bike, DeLorean car, leather jacket from “Dirty Dancing” and shirt from “Ghost.”

However, not everything is lost since one woman decided to do right by the family, so she bought some of the things from the auction and gave them back.

Danielle and the rest of the family were so happy and grateful for it, but there are so many other things that need to be rescued from becoming lost forever.

When Swayze died of cancer in 2009 (at the age of 58), Lisa inherited his $40 million estates. They were married from 1975 to the moment he died. However, Patrick’s friends and family think that doesn’t give her the right to do this.

After the actor had died, his friends accused Lisa of cheating with both men and women, for beating and offending him.

She wanted to have everything under control, so Lisa even limited visits when Patrick got sick. Since Danielle’s petition failed, no one knows what will happen to all the precious items of one of the Hollywood legends Patrick Swayze. We just hope it will not end up in someone’s basement, forgotten and lost forever.