Here come the spooky updates from our favorite games! Overwatch is unveiling their newest PS4 and Xbox One skins, and fans are hoping the leaked photos are the real deal, since they look perfect for the season.

To celebrate Halloween – and to satisfy a gamer’s need for updates – Blizzard Entertainment’s Halloween skins may soon be released. We are still waiting for a confirmation if the leaked photos – from Ads to Reddit – are what avid players should be expecting.

Blizzard sets Halloween treat for 'Overwatch' fans

Photos about the “Overwatch” characters such as Symmetra, Reaper, Mei and other character’s new costumes, popped up on advertisements recently.

Some Reddit users made sure the news got out online. From the photos provided, we can see how our favorite characters are gearing up for a fight with stitches, tentacles, skulls, vampire fangs, dragon wings, oversized band aids, witch hats and pumpkins. These new skins are expected to cost around a thousand to three thousand credits.

Whether you are into Defense or Support heroes, this October, they will be more than that. Blizzard usually gets their ideas from famous horror characters and films. Experiencing it firsthand will give you a lot of benefits, compared to those who took longer to start.

The game’s Twitter account previously announced, “The nights grow cold/ And monsters appear/ A great evil gathers/ And Halloween draws near,” Junkenstein’s haunting creations will soon be lurking around the game.

What is next for the fans?

A seasonal event is on its way too, signaling the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge. Even if it is still hours away from now, fans can keep their eye on the web, as the newest trailer is bound to be published soon. Once it starts, 50 new items are expected to be available. It is possible that BE will pull off the same scheme they had, on the Summer Games event, where they brought back the previous skins that were sold at a lower price.

As for Junkenstein’s Revenge, a blog post revealed that it is going to be a PvE brawl, featuring some special loot boxes. Three players may team up to fight against one special enemy. This enemy has created a number of Zomnic creations to prove that he has the capability to do so. Defeating him would require a lot of effort from your peers as you fight side by side.

Overwatchand Blizzard's Halloween Terror event will take place between October 10 to November 2 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One platforms.