The long wait is over for Claire and Jaime as they finally reunited in one of the most memorable scenes of the series, "Outlander." It was one of the scenes that the series fans long wanted to see. It was passionate and awkward at the same time. However, viewers have loved the fact that these lovers have made their way back to each other after twenty long years.

Since the series aired on TV, Claire and Jaime already had its sizzling chemistry. Although 20 years had passed since they've been apart, nothing has changed as to how the couple passionately adored each other.

During the series' October 22 episode, the scene was a slow burn as the couple immediately jumped to bed together.

Intimate moments of passionate lovers

In a report obtained by Bustle, the series recent episode featured how Claire and Jaime shared intimate moments together after several years of being apart. Just like the usual, their passionate reunion left the series viewers abuzz. "Outlander" latest episode had devoted much of its scene to the couple's passionate reunion.

Every moment was considered perfect as it allows the couple to start a whole new journey together again. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most anticipated moments as Claire and Jaime expressed their love to each other again. Both were featured getting reacquainted to their bedroom once more after 20 years.

After the romantic episode, Jaime said, "It's very fine to see you again, Claire." Perhaps, it was one of the most romantic episodes ever played to the series, "Outlander."

Rekindling romance after 20 years

While the two have shared about their time being apart, Claire appeared a little bit self-conscious of her appearance. She felt that she no longer looked more desirable than she was twenty years ago.

However, in the midst of her confusions, Jaime has proven time and again, how beautiful and adorable he continued to find Claire. As the series continues, viewers hope that she would still gain back her self-confidence.

Even though the attraction between them is very noticeable, Claire felt a little awkward when she finally reunited to her long-lost love after more than a decade.

According to Bustle, both didn't imagine their reunion would happen. However, "Outlander" recent episode has proven that everything in this world doesn't matter when lovers are finally together. Following their romantic reunion, Claire would have to adjust as she finally lives with Jaime again.