The "Outdaughtered" stars Adam and danielle Busby recently gave a huge donation to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. IB Times shared the details about what they decided to do. On Saturday, they actually donated $75,000 worth of educational toys and games. This huge donation is going to help a ton of kids who lost their stuff due to Hurricane Harvey.

How was this donation possible?

The Busbys actually worked with Learning Resources to do this donation. They helped them to donate 1,500 toys and games to families who lost a lot and needed this type of stuff.

Danielle explained that this partnership started before Hurricane Harvey by saying that they had partnered with Learning Resources to "help show parents how easy and simple it can be to teach your kids through play." When Hurricane Harvey happened, they joined forces once again and Learning Resources gave them these toys to donate. It sounds like this was the perfect partnership to help out the families affected by this hurricane.

Then Danielle and Adam Busby were the ones who actually donated the items. When Hurricane Harvey happened they were right in the middle of it since they live in the area. Danielle's mom Mimi had a lot of damage to her home and lost her belongings as well. They did a great job of documenting what was going on by posting on social networks so the fans could see.

How is the Busby family doing now?

Of course, they are staying very busy with 6-year-old daughter Blake Louise and 2-year-old quintuplets Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige and Parker Kate. Fans love seeing their show and getting updates on the girls. Right now, the show isn't airing new episodes, but hopefully, news comes out soon that it is coming back for another season.

TLC fans have watched this family from the day they started airing on television. It was clear back when Danielle Busby was pregnant that they started showing the fans how things are going with their family. From the second that everyone met the Busby family, they fell in love with them and really wanted to keep watching how they are doing and seeing the girls grow.

Are you surprised to hear about the big donation that Adam and Danielle Busby gave to the Hurricane Harvey victims? Do you feel like this was better than just giving money? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "Outdaughtered" on TLC. Since their new season just ended, it will probably be a little while before we get to see them on television again.