Harry Styles has launched his US tour with a performance raising awareness for breast cancer. The singer was in the middle of his gig when one of his Fans groped him. Styles is known for getting close to his audience and singing to them. It appears that one fan, in particular, took advantage of Harry's attempts to connect with his fans.

The singer was performing on stage

According to Page Six, Harry Styles was Sexually Assaulted when he was performing at a recent gig. The former "One Direction" member was performing at a Breast Cancer Awareness gig.

He grabbed the microphone from the stand and knelt down in front of some fans in the front row. While performing his hit "Kiwi" Harry Styles was being grabbed by fans and it appears that one grabbed his crotch.

In a report by Ok! Magazine, the video of this incident has been released online. It shows Styles jerking suddenly away from his fans before returning to the center of the stage. Fans were shocked and outraged by this act and have taken to social media to express their disgust.

This incident comes at a difficult time for the entertainment industry as Harvey Weinstein has been exposed as a sexual predator. Several celebrities have been coming forward with their tales of sexual assault over the past few weeks.

The issue of sexual abuse and assault is on the minds of many and it appears that Harry has become the latest victim of an attack by one of his fans.

Styles has not commented on the incident

According to Page Six, neither Harry Styles nor his team has commented on the incident that took place during the concert. Styles finished his set before retiring for the evening and there was no acknowledgment of what happened.

The public is conflicted about the nature of the incident and some are of the mind that it may have been an accident.

However, in a report by the Telegraph, fans have been calling out sexual harassment online. They have claimed that Styles was in fact assaulted and that there is evidence in the video that was released. Harry Style's fans have called for action and the phrase #RespectHarry have been trending on Twitter.

Several fans have stated that the assault was disgusting and vile. They claimed that Harry Styles should not be treated like a piece of meat. This incident has caused considerable concern among fans as the assault took place in public during the concert. The individual responsible has not been found and it appears that there will be no justice for Styles.

Fans are waiting for Styles to acknowledge the assault that happened at the concert, but as of yet, the singer has refused to make a comment.