If you've been on social media in the last couple of months, you probably know that the one and only Taylor Swift has a new album coming out. As Swifties patiently await the arrival of "Reputation" on November 10, we've had a little taste of what to expect on the new album. People are divided on whether or not the album will live up to the hype, but one thing's for sure; it won't be like anything we've heard from her before.

Following the release of the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, Taylor graced us with two singles: "...Ready for It" and "Gorgeous." The songs had a divided response from fans, but the controversy got heated when the trailer for the "...Ready For It" music video was released early last week.

The trailer revealed a "robot" Taylor in a nude-colored bodysuit and some pretty cool sci-fi effects. Other than that, no one knew what the music video would bring in terms of meaning and storyline.

When the video was released Thursday night (Oct. 26), Swifties were finally able to do what they do best: analyze everything about the video and look for secret clues (at least that's what I did). Below are some of the things people noticed.

The writing on the walls

This is one of the first things I noticed when I watched the video. At the beginning, there's an "89" and "91" spraypainted on the wall--the birth years of Taylor and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. There's also a sign that reads "year of the snake" in Chinese, and messages spraypainted on the walls that read, "ur gorgeous," "all eyes on us," "this is enough," and "I love you in secret." We can only hope these will be song lyrics, because we already know "you're gorgeous" is one.

The 'real' Taylor

The main scene of the music video shows Taylor in a black cloak trying to contain another Taylor inside a glass box.

The Taylor in the box is clearly trying to break out, but the cloaked Taylor keeps her locked inside. People are speculating that the "real" Taylor is the one trapped in the box, and the media has tried to keep her in it. But with this new album and era, she's breaking out and becoming her true self. And we honestly can't wait.

Calvin Harris reference

Taylor Swift dated Calvin Harris for a year, so it's only natural for her to reference the famous DJ at least once or twice in this album. In the video, the Taylor in the box tries to break free by shooting lightning out of her hands, with an uncanny resemblance to Calvin Harris' album art for the song he wrote with Taylor called, "This is What You Came For."

It'll be so much fun to see what the rest of the Taylor Swift album will be like! Are you ready for it?