A former maid of ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg filed a lawsuit in a Brooklyn federal court over claims that officials of the billionaire are using his $20 million Hamptons mansion for orgies and other sex activities. Nelly Amaya, the dismissed housekeeper sued three executives of Bloomberg for unspecified damages.

Offensive and detailed sex talk

The lawsuit named Diane Gubelli, Marika Sygman, Steve Kaczynski and Ballyshear LLC for unspecified damages. Nelly Amaya, an Ecuadorian immigrant, says the sex talk from couple Marika Sygman and Steve Kaczynski, managers at Ballyshear, was the cause of her physical injury.

After she fled from the couple who allegedly spoke of their masturbation habits and sexual experiences in offensive and explicit detail, she blacked out and fell down a staircase. According to New York Post, Amaya reported that the fall resulted in bruises, back injuries and concussions.

Anti-Hispanic comments

Because of her injuries, Nelly Amaya could not return to work as executive housekeeper of Mayor Bloomberg’s mansion. Her $70,000 a year pay was cut after eight weeks of working at the Hamptons mansion and she was later fired. She complained to the Human Resources Department of Ballyshear that her injuries were caused by discrimination at work.

Two of her co-workers allegedly made anti-Hispanic comments against her which Nelly Amaya recorded.

But the former housekeeper says Diane Gubelli, an executive at Ballyshear, made her delete all recordings of conversations she had with her co-workers, whom she accused of tormenting her by telling her about the vulgar activities of Marika Sygman and Steve Kaczynski.

Sex in the billiard room

When she was just two weeks in her new job responsible for maintaining 11 bedrooms and eight bathrooms at the 22,000-square foot mansion in Georgia, two co-workers advised Nelly Amaya to be cautious when entering rooms because she might catch Marika Sygman and Steve Kaczynski in their intimate moments.

She also said that she once overheard the couple plan to go to the billiard room in the basement, which is beside the laundry room, to have sex. However, when they realized she heard the couple’s plan, Marika Sygman allegedly told her not to ask questions.

Marika Sygman reportedly warned Ballyshear employees not to report the sexually charged environment or risk being fired by the mayor.

However, Nelly Amaya clarified that Bloomberg – named by Forbes in 2016 as one of the most powerful people in the world last year - was a respectful and good boss and probably unaware of what was happening in the mansion, because in the last five months, he only came to the mansion thrice.

Nelly Amaya stressed she is sure the mayor did not know what was happening in his mansion,“He needs to know he trusts some really bad people." Marika Sygman denied the former housekeeper’s accusation.

Another housekeeper & immigrant

The lawsuit brings back a sex scandal in 2011 when a hotel maid accused then International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault. Like Nelly Amaya, Nafissatou Diallo, the accuser, was a housekeeper and also an immigrant, but from Guinea in West Africa.

Although the cases against him were eventually dismissed because of loopholes on Diallo’s statements, Strauss-Kahn admitted the encounter with her at a New York hotel was an error and moral failure which led to his losing the IMF position.