NCISfans have a bad news. Rumors in the past couple of weeks have indicated that actor Mark Harmon might depart from “NCIS” season 15. The celebrity is believed to be in bad shape as far as his health is concerned. Which is why there are chances that he might no longer be a part of the show, suggests The Wrap. The latest report, however, now suggests that the actor will continue to be a part of “NCIS” season 15. Instead, his role will completely change this time.

What reports have to say?

According to CaterMatt, Harmon’s character in the show will consist of “lesser field work” this time around.

The actor is among the first actors to be cast for the show. Therefore, he has been with the “NCIS” family since its first season. He is also included in the show’s main cast group. The fans will be disappointed to watch Harmon leave halfway, but the report by CaterMatt points out that the actor’s contract with the show has yet to end. Harmon is bound by legalities and cannot leave the group during his time of convenience. The writers are thus being forced to tweak his role in the next installment. There have been endless rumors about “NCIS” season 15 being canceled. Coming back to Harmon, the actor is considering “NCIS” season 15 as his last project. According to a report by Radar! Online, the celebrity is done as far as his acting career is concerned.

He apparently wants to focus on his health and well-being. Due to his tight shooting schedule, he has ended up weak and frail.

Is season 15 going to be last for Mark Harmon?

The report goes on to state how the actor has already spoken to his wife, Pam Dawber, about this matter. He is “seriously considering” the next season as his last and admits that he has a “lot less energy” than he used to.

Fans are advised to note that the actor himself, in one way or another, hasn’t provided any official confirmation about this matter. “NCIS” season 15 spoilers suggest that Mark Harmon – who plays the character of special agent, Leroy Jethro Gibbs – will return along with Duane Henry (Clayton Reeves). They are onto solving another important crime.

Their close friend has been kidnapped and they need to solve it soon. Gibbs is seen going through an emotional journey as this time, it has become personal with one of the close friends being in trouble. The fifth episode of “NCIS” season 15 is scheduled to air on Tuesday, October 24 at 8 pm on CBS channel. Fans are hoping for his stay.