An increasing number of Razer users have started reporting problems with regard to Windows 10’s latest Fall Creators Update. Both Razer and Microsoft are investigating these “consumer-reported issues.” A report by Tech Radar quoted Razer as saying that they are investigating the problem with the help of Microsoft. They have recommended the users to roll back to the prior version of Windows 10 Creators Update they believe that are being affected by a problem.

What do reports suggest?

On Wednesday, October 18, a report by The Inquirer spotted multiple posts in the Razer forums.

These posts complained about the same problem. The users stated that their Razer laptops weren’t “fully compatible” with Microsoft Window’s “Version 1709 Build 16299.15.” This is the latest update to Fall Creators provided by Microsoft.

It was made available October 17. According to one of the users named, “Kokorone,” his/her laptop refuses to recognize “any peripherals,” after Windows was updated. As per Kokorone’s claim, the laptop’s built-in keyboard or the trackpad did not function unless they restarted the machine altogether.

Specs and features

Kokorone went on to iterate that Razer hasn’t made their laptop compatible with Microsoft’s latest update as yet. The company has yet to upgrade its drivers to support Windows 10, Creators Update’s latest version.

This is the main reason why, different accessories and features – including trackpad, keyboard, and USB are being rendered useless.

They need to be consistently rebooted for them to work properly. This cannot be done each time the user wants to use the laptop as it can result in a waste of time and battery. The same user even went on to claim that reinstalling drivers haven’t helped this individual fix the problem.

Kokorone has even tried reaching out to Razer’s support team, but they haven’t been able to solve the issue.

Kokorone is not the only one to experience this problem. It has been reported by several other users including one named “GoldMetallicDIAMOND917.” In their case, the laptop had stopped responding altogether. It does not appear that laptops with other brands are suffering this problem.

So far, only Razer laptop users have complained about the products. Moreover, the issue is only limited to one type of Razer laptop. The recently-launched Razer Blade Stealth unit remains unaffected, Tech Radar adds. Microsoft also acknowledged the matter. The Redmond tech giant said that they are aware of the issue and are working with Razer to find a solution.