National Tv Host Day was originally set for October 23 on Johnny Carson's birthday to honor one of the greatest late night hosts on television during the time he was hosting the "Tonight Show." Since Carson, there have been many other hosts who have followed in his footsteps.

Carson's fans still remember the man who came through the multi-colored curtains, gave a humorous monologue and swung a golf club at the end. Then he would sit at his desk and talk to his sidekick Ed McMahon before introducing his A-list celebrities who came on the show to promote a book, an upcoming firm or just because Carson wanted them there.

Carson hosted "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" for 30 years. Carson would be 92 years old on October 23 had he lived. He died at the age of 79 on January 23, 2005.

Late night hosts or all hosts?

There is no distinction in the name of the day to indicate if daytime talk show hosts are included or not. Based on the description, it appears that the tribute was designed for late night TV talk show hosts because of their humor, entertaining stories, spontaneous wit and timely political jokes. Today, all TV hosts are honored whether they are late night hosts or daytime hosts even though that's not the way to describe the hosts who work during the day.

Daytime talk shows are much different from those that come on television at night.

Hosts during the day are responsible for current events, medical news, technology news, sports, and entertainment. The later the hour, the more comedy the host is free to share.

'The Tonight Show'

At one time, "The Tonight Show" on NBC was synonymous with late-night comedy and finding out what was going on with the stars. Today, that is not the case.

There are so many nighttime shows on television that it is hard keeping up with them. However, "The Tonight Show" will go down in history for being the world's longest-running talk show in the United States. It is the third longest-running show on NBC following "Meet the Press" and the "Today" show.

Carson hosted 4,531 episodes of the popular NBC late night show.

Before him, five hosts including Steve Allen and Jack Paar racked up 2,000 episodes together. After Carson, Jay Leno was in charge of 3,775 during his first tenure. Conan hosted only 146 before Leno returned to host another 835 episodes before he retired in 2014. The current host, Jimmy Fallon, has hosted 758 episodes so far. Do you see now why National TV Host Day was set to be on Carson's birthday?