Nathan Griffith is in a tricky situation these days. He doesn’t have full custody of his son Kaiser, as Jenelle Evans is the sole provider of his son. For months, Jenelle has claimed that she has tried to get Nathan to see his son but they have never been able to come to a resolution. They ended up in court, where Griffith got time with his son and it sounds like he is seeing him more often than before. Nathan is definitely posting more photos of himself with Kaiser now than just six months ago. However, Griffith may get more time with his son if he decides to act on what he saw on “Teen Mom 2” recently.

During Monday’s episode of the show, Jenelle was trying to take a photo of their wedding date, so she could send out the invitations. She had an idea as to what she wanted, but her children were screaming in the background, including Kaiser who yelled out for food. MTV subtitled it as “feed me” but Jenelle claims that’s not what he said. David lost his cool and walked out to Kaiser, grabbed him by the arm, and dragged him over to a swing set. Some fans pointed out that David “manhandled” a little boy. Nathan Griffith must have been furious watching the episode, as another man was very aggressive with his son.

Could he have a case here?

It’s uncertain what kind of case he could have against David and Jenelle.

Perhaps he can get access to the unedited footage from MTV to get a look at what really happened that day. Many feel that David was too aggressive with a little boy, and should be removed from the picture. Some called for jail time while others may have called Child Protective Services. It wouldn't be the first time that someone has gone to the authorities because of Jenelle.

It is possible that he could prove that David was cruel towards Kaiser, but that could be a financial penalty, not a lawsuit.

David is perfect according to Jenelle

Even though many fans have changed their minds about Eason, Evans believes he is just perfect for her. She has dated abusive guys before, as she accused Gary Head of trying to strangle her with a bed sheet.

Jenelle has also dated drug users, including her first husband Courtland Rogers, and she recently dated a cheater. However, she thinks that David is just perfect for her, even though he may have an anger problem.

It will be interesting to see if this relationship can truly last. She has gotten divorced once before, but if David is indeed so abusive, it may take a while for Jenelle to convince him to divorce her.

What do you think about Nathan Griffith possibly pursuing Legal Action against his former girlfriend?