Maci Bookout is one of the more private “Teen Mom OG” stars, as she rarely shares anything on social media about her life. While her husband, Taylor McKinney, does have a social media account for his business, fans rarely see anything from their private lives. Perhaps they are so busy caring for the children that they don’t have time to share posts and content with fans. Plus, when Bookout does share something about her kids, people are quick to criticize her for all kinds of random things. For example, one person recently mocked her for not cutting her son’s hair, as it was getting rather long.

According to a retweet shared on her wall, Maci Bookout reveals that a lie will make it halfway around the world before the truth even gets a chance. In other words, she could be hinting that fans shouldn’t believe the lies that are so quick to come out about her and instead wait to hear the truth from her on “Teen Mom OG.” That may be hard for some fans, as the show is only on once or twice a year and it can be tough for fans to wait that long considering rumors are juicy – especially divorce and pregnancy rumors. These are the kinds of rumors she has been facing recently.

Is she pregnant?

While filming “Teen Mom OG,” Maci Bookout learned that she was pregnant with her third child.

She gave birth to a son, Maverick, and she revealed that she had no interest in having more children. However, it sounds like she may be interested in having more children.

On the show, she revealed that the third child had drained her completely, both emotionally and in terms of time. She had no time left and she and her husband faced a crisis in terms of communication.

It seems like all of their time was spent talking about their troubles, baby wipes, and who would be putting the kids to sleep.

Troublesome marriage?

There have also been rumors that she could be divorcing Taylor, possibly because of the marital issues they were going through last season. The two went to therapy together and they learned how they could speak nicely to one another without causing more problems for them.

But it sounds like Maci has an interesting answer to all of the drama. Don't believe any of it unless it comes from her. If she is pregnant, she will announce it when she's ready. If she's getting a divorce, she will announce it when she's ready.

What do you think about Maci Bookout's comments about a lie spreading super fast? Do you think she's referring to the rumors lately?