Fans of MTV's "Teen Mom 2" were shocked during last week's episode at the treatment of Jenelle Evans' son, Kaiser. The three-year-old was manhandled by Jenelle's husband, David Eason, and screamed and cried, "Feed me!" to his parents, who were too busy doing a photoshoot to take notice. The pair have been under fire in the past for their treatment of Kaiser, and the latest incident sparked so much controversy that Jenelle decided to disengage from Twitter, saying she didn't "want to hear" what her "haters" had to say about her. The mother-of-three claims that the scene made her break down and sob in front of her infant daughter, Ensley.

As a result, she threatened to quit the franchise, saying that this would likely be her last season.

Did MTV cater to Jenelle's wishes?

According to Jenelle, her toddler son was not yelling, "Feed me!" to his parents, but instead was asking his brother to help him. The young boy was incredibly upset after wanting to participate in his parents' photoshoot, only to be cursed at and dragged away by Jenelle's husband, David. Although Jenelle disengaged on Twitter, the reality show star took to Instagram to show off text messages between herself and several of the show's producers. Within the text messages, she told them that Kaiser didn't mean what he said, and instead has a speech problem that is currently being addressed.

She said it was unfair for them to subtitle it that way because he doesn't always make himself understood.

The YouTube channel The Grace Report, who discusses all things "Teen Mom" reported that in the re-run of the episode played on MTV, they completely edited out Kaiser's meltdown to appease Jenelle, though the full episode is still available on the US version of iTunes.

The Grace Report also says that some of her viewers have told her that the scene in which David manhandles Kaiser is also edited out, though she says she cannot say with certainty.

"Stay humble!"

Javi Marroquin, cast member Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband, recently blasted Jenelle for threatening to quit, saying that he has seen all of the mothers threaten to do so at one point.

Javi says that the young women should be respectful of the fact that MTV is their bread and butter, and the things they do beyond MTV wouldn't amount to much if they hadn't already achieved fame on the show. Fans of The Grace Report are equally annoyed that MTV would cater to Jenelle Evans' outburst.