Javi Marroquin and his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, have just made their debut on "Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Edition." Those who dutifully watch "Teen Mom 2" are already aware that despite appearing on the show, their relationship didn't work out. Kail went on to conceive her youngest son, Lux, just a few months after being on the show and she and Javi parted ways for good. These days, the pair are able to co-parent, though Kail has admitted that it has its ups and downs. However, they are currently working on a book that discusses the downfall of their marriage: "He Said, She Said," a two-part series that will tell each of their sides about the break-up.

Javi hoped they would reconcile

Unfortunately for Javi, Kail admitted that she went on the show for one reason only: to make their relationship better for the sake of their three-year-old son, Lincoln. However, Javi had totally different motives for their appearance, instead wanting to reignite their relationship and get back together.

"Me, I went in there with open arms. I was open to the advice from the doctors and maybe we can make this marriage work. It’s easier for her to say no when you have something going on at home. You’ll see," Javi said.

The "something going on at home" is in reference to Kailyn Lowry's failed relationship with ex, Chris Lopez, whom Kail had her son, Lux, with this August.

Javi was so angry that Kailyn moved on, that at one point he came into the house and searched her dresser and room to find evidence of Chris possibly living there. In retaliation, Kail, got a PFA, or Protection From Abuse against him, but later had it dropped.

Was Kail with Chris while filming?

Javi's quote hints that Kailyn Lowry might have already moved on to dating Chris Lopez while the pair were filming "Marriage Bootcamp," though it hasn't been confirmed or denied on Kailyn's end.

While both parties have been accused of cheating, they both maintain that they were faithful to one another during the entire marriage. But, if Kail had been with Chris during the filming of "Marriage Bootcamp," the pair would have already been separated, and therefore, not together at the time.

Kailyn Lowry has since moved on from her relationship, and it is rumored that she is dating a friend and neighbor, a man named Dionisio. He has confirmed to the press that he is interested in moving forward with Kail, but she has kept her relationship with him private thus far.