No one truly knows the dynamics of the Duggar family from watching 30-minute or 1-hour snippets of the family's life, but fans continue to speculate on them anyway. While the older Duggar girls are heavily featured in the series, they are always portrayed in a positive light. However, some fans think that there are dynamics going on that the family doesn't necessarily share. While the Duggars don't talk about family fights and spats on "Counting On," some believe that there is some "bad blood" between Jana Duggar and Jessa Duggar.

They also believe that some of her siblings are afraid of her and that she's constantly "laying down the law."

Her siblings have admitted to being afraid of her

One of Jessa Duggar Seewald's "jurisdictions," or "chores" when she was growing up with her family was to oversee the schooling of her siblings. The Duggar Family homeschools all of their children in line with their "godly principles," and Jessa helped the younger children out with their schoolwork. Jessa has admitted that her siblings were incredibly scared of her when she was teaching them, and if a child was misbehaving, they only had to be threatened with calling her in order to make them straighten up. She likened herself to "Jesse James," saying that her name was feared throughout the family household and that she was the no-nonsense sister.

She terrorized Jana as children

Jana wrote in the book the girls co-authored together, "Growing Up Duggar," that Jessa used to kick her mattress off of her bed when the pair shared a bunk bed as children. When Jana would get angry at her sister, Jessa would laugh at her frustration. Jim Bob, their father, also has admitted that Jessa was a "handful" as a child and that it took a lot to discipline her.

She admitted to being rude to her big sister on an episode of "Counting On," saying, "I think as I started to get a little bit older, I also had a very strong personality so I would sometimes protest the ideas that [Jana] had."

She upstaged her cousin's wedding

The Duggar family has one cousin, the less-fundamentalist Amy Duggar.

Amy got married in 2015, a few months after her cousin, Jessa. After Amy tied the knot and had all of the attention on her, Jessa decided to upload 100 "never before seen" pictures of her own wedding. She said that she was inspired by her cousin's trip down the aisle, but others saw the behavior as strange and totally passive-aggressive.