Rumors about Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle getting engaged have been floating around on social media, meanwhile, “Suits” showrunners are working towards producing its next season. According to a report by The Sun, Meghan Markle has yet to renew her contract for the upcoming season. It is rumored that the actress is moving to London to be with Harry on a permanent basis, which has led many to further believe that she will be leaving the cast of "Suits."

Markle is set to quit 'Suits'

Markle plays the role of Rachel Zane in “Suits.” She has been working in the TV show for the past seven seasons.

Most of the shootings for the series take place in Canada. Since she is moving in with Prince Harry in London, it might be difficult for her to attend these shoots. An insider told The Sun that Markle loves playing Rachel in the show.

Replacement of Meghan Markle's character

The actress is also very grateful for being presented with this opportunity to play the character in “Suits.” This has led her to feel that she owes a lot to the show and its producers. But Harry cannot move to Canada as he has his Royal chores to attend to. Therefore, the actress will likely end up moving in with Prince Harry in London. This also goes on to say a lot about the love she has for Harry. The fact that she is giving up the biggest role of her career for him means that she loves him a lot.

Whether her character will be replaced or eliminated from the next season of “Suits,” will be decided with time.

Markle and Prince Harry's relationship

According to a report by Majesty Magazine, the Royal couple are extremely happy with each other. The two plan on getting married soon. Rumors claim that they plan on getting hitched towards the beginning of next year.

There are also chances that Markle and Prince Harry might get hitched this Christmas.

Media publications attempted at getting a comment from the Kensington Palace regarding the matter, but they did not respond. As reported by Metro, speculations about “Suits” season 8 began surfacing online last month. The show’s creator even told Deadline that he is certain that they will be back next year.

He said that they always try to do something that is not an end of the chapter or the series. They have pulled off the same deed with the recently-concluded seventh season as well. He is pretty confident that they will end up making yet another star-studded season. The possible storyline of the show hasn’t been revealed as yet.