Meghan King Edmonds loves motherhood and admits that a second pregnancy is literally in the works. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star wants a big family now that she has a taste of what parenthood is like. She had her first baby, Aspen, last November with husband, Jim Edmonds, via IVF and is eager to give her daughter some siblings!

Not giving up everything for motherhood

Meghan King Edmonds tells Entertainment Tonight that she's "obsessed with motherhood,” saying that it's all she does, all she cares about and that nothing else matters as much as her child.

While she almost left "RHOC" after last season, she had second thoughts upon realizing that she can't let being a new mother be her entire life. When Aspen was three-months-old, taping for the new season had started, and Meghan wanted to get out of the house and be back with her friends. She thought at first she was going to be a stay-at-home mom and even give up her businesses, but put things in perspective and decided to balance it all out. The 33-year-old is glad she didn't give everything up.

“I’m still me,” Meghan says. “I just have a baby, too.”

Working on baby No. 2

"RHOC" viewers saw the painful process that Meghan King Edmonds had to endure and as hard as it was on her, she's ready to go through it all again!

She shares that she gave birth to Aspen without any drugs and now that she has this "cool baby," she's "obsessed" with doing it all over again, even if it means ten more times. Meghan says if that's what she has to do to have more kids, it's all "worth it." She goes on to say that she's "really working on No.


Meghan wants a lot more kids

How many kids does Meghan want? She says she wants to have four or five more children. What does Jim think about that? According to Meghan, it's quite the opposite of what he expected after the arrival of their daughter. He figured his wife would see how much work one kid is and want to stop, but it did just the opposite for her!

Would you like to see Meghan go through more IVF treatments on "RHOC"? It sounds like that could happen in future episodes of the show. Last season her journey was shared with fans, and this year they're seeing a happy Meghan enjoy her calling. It's evident how much she enjoys being a mom and is always sharing new photos of her daughter on Instagram. Aspen's first birthday is coming up. You can bet it's going to be an incredible birthday party!

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