Playboy announced its first ever transgender Playmate in its new November issue. In 1981, the magazine featured actress Caroline Cossey but the public had no idea she was transgender. Ines Rau, a French model, is the first transgender to officially become a Playmate. This issue marks the first release since founder Hugh Hefner passed away, but his son insists his father would be proud, as he was an advocate for LGBT rights.

Making history

Playboy has been published for 64 years, and while its featured transgender women before, Rau is the first to receive a cover shoot.

The model spoke about the experience, telling Playboy "Nudity means a lot to me since I went through a transition to get to where I want to be."

Rau went on to say that this is the biggest compliment she has ever received. She's been featured in magazines like Vogue and appeared in campaigns for high-end fashion brands like Balmain, but claims that this brings her the most "joy and happiness."

Not everyone approves

Jenna Jameson, former adult entertainer, and star of "Celebrity Big Brother" took to Twitter to rant about her disapproval of the magazine's decision. "So @playboy just announced it will be featuring its first transgender playmate," said Jameson, along with a few facepalm emojis.

Jameson seemed to be interested in arguing with her audience, as she spent Thursday tweeting back and forth with those attacking her.

"Women and men are two different things," she replied to one user, who said Playboy has always featured "enhanced" models.

Model Josie Stevens chimed in to say she wasn't surprised that Jameson is transphobic, but has a problem with it. Jameson replied saying that her disapproval of Ines Rau as a Playmate does not mean she hates transgender people.

"People these days with all their 'phobics'," she continued.

When one user asked why she even bothered to voice her hateful opinion on the issue, Jameson said that she feels the decision is ruining an "iconic" brand.

She then accused Playboy of "pandering to this ridiculous PC world we live in."

One fan called her out, saying that many LGBTQ people have always looked up to her and are shocked by how judgemental she is being. "I love my gay and trans peeps," Jameson claimed, before saying that she simply doesn't think they belong in Playboy magazine.

Jameson tweeted "back to mommy mode" amidst the Twitter arguments, claiming her child woke up from a nap, but returned to Twitter on Friday to continue lashing out at those who think her opinion is wrong.