Luis D. Ortiz made a name for himself when he decided to film "Million Dollar Listing New York" as he replaced Michael Lorber after the first season. The little Puerto Rican made a name for himself and quickly started building a portfolio in New York and a massive network of people. While he proved to be successful in real estate, he chose to stop selling real estate in New York and he chose to leave his successful role on "Million Dollar Listing New York" behind last year. He was replaced by Steve Gold, who was a breath of fresh air for the show.

Even though Luis has been traveling the world since leaving the show, his thoughts are currently in Puerto Rico as his home country is still struggling after Hurricane Maria.

According to a new Instagram post, Luis D. Ortiz is now revealing that his family is still stuck on the island and he really wants to help. However, he has been told by authorities that there's nothing he can really do by jumping on a plane. Instead, it would be better if he worked with the United States and worked on getting supplies to the island.

Family stuck on the island

When Hurricane Maria first hit Puerto Rico, many fans were curious as to whether Luis D. Ortiz's family was indeed in Puerto Rico. He didn't reveal anything at first, but later shared that he knew people who were struggling.

Then, this weekend, he added that he wanted to be with his family in Puerto Rico and it is possible he's referring to his parents.

"There's nothing I want more in this world than to be with my entire family down in Puerto Rico in this moment of crisis. However, after speaking with some government officials and close friends helping in the ground, going to Puerto Rico right now is a not the best decision," Luis D.

Ortiz explains on Instagram, sharing that he had been told to stay in the United States.

The future of this reality star

It's uncertain what Luis D. Ortiz chooses to do. Since leaving "Million Dollar Listing New York" behind, he has had more freedom to travel. He has traveled the world, but it sounds like he has chosen to settle back in the United States.

Even though he tried to live in Paris, he has revealed that he isn't happy. His former co-stars have revealed that he should return to New York, but it's uncertain whether he will return to "Million Dollar Listing" next season.

What do you think about Luis D. Ortiz's comments about Puerto Rico? Are you surprised that his family is still stuck on the island?