Josh Altman announced that Heather Altman was pregnant as the previous season of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" was coming to an end. The couple had experienced a pregnancy scare once before while filming the show, but Heather revealed she was not pregnant. On the previous season of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles," the couple got married and Josh revealed he was finally ready to have children. Perhaps he didn't realize how fast it would happen, as Heather surprised him with a pregnancy test during the season finale last year. As it turns out, they have welcomed daughter Alexis and it sounds like Josh's life has changed after becoming a father.

Even though he may be working on the weekends and doing deals in his spare time, Josh's daughter comes first. As he explains, he is willing to stop all work when his daughter needs him. According to a new Instagram post, Josh Altman reveals that his daughter is the one person who can convince him to take a break. He shared this revelation with fans on social media, sharing a picture of himself with Alexis in a stroller at his office.

Fatherhood has changed things

"I don't take work breaks often but when I do it's for my baby girl," Josh revealed on the social network, sharing a picture of himself smiling.

It's clear that fatherhood has changed him. Before he considered having children, he was working all the time.

On "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles," Josh Altman didn't even take time off to meet with Heather to pick out the flavor of their wedding cake. She was furious with him and she actually postponed the wedding. He was so determined to make a good deal that he almost lost his then-girlfriend. These days they are married and they have a little girl.

It's possible that they will add another baby to the mix, as Altman loves being a father.

The show returns to Bravo

The new season of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" is returning on November 2 and it sounds like Josh is still working hard to sell real estate in Los Angeles. One can imagine that Heather is slowing down, so she can be with her daughter while she's a baby.

But Heather is also excited about being a real estate agent, so it's possible that she's returning to her clients sooner rather than later. As for another baby, fans will have to see what they say when the show returns next month.

What do you think of Josh Altman's post about putting his daughter first? Do you think he and Heather should have another baby?