Luis D. Ortiz told his "Million Dollar Listing: New York" co-stars last season that he wanted to leave New York and move to Paris, France in hopes of finding something great for him. He revealed that he wasn't happy doing real-estate in New York and he regretted not traveling overseas to see if there was something great waiting for him. As D. Ortiz revealed, he was searching for his own personal happiness.

As Fredrik Eklund turned 40 this year, he invited Ryan Serhant to Paris where they would be celebrating his birthday. They met up with Luis to see if he had found what he was looking for, and D.

Ortiz broke down. He was clearly miserable and he hadn't found anything he was looking for. This was a major concern for his former co-stars, who wanted nothing but great things for Luis.

According to a new Instagram post, Luis D. Ortiz is currently traveling around the world, possibly looking for that happiness he didn't find in Paris. No word on whether he has left Paris behind for good or if he plans on returning to New York. However, he has been active on social media and he has been sharing his journey around Israel. While fans commend him for doing what he wants, others are concerned that some people may be using Luis for his fame. He is currently traveling with two girls, and some fans are concerned about him.

Who are the girls?

D. Ortiz hasn't revealed who these girls are, but fans are worried that they may be using him for his money fame. Plus, for some people, the relationship between him and these younger girls doesn't look like.

"Luis, the little girls tagging along are simply that....little girls. What's wrong with you? You need to snap out of your haze and get back to reality.

These people are using you. It's very apparent," one fan wrote to Luis on Instagram, while another added, "Okay, I have always been super supportive and even inspired by you. But I'm confused with this Israel trip as well. And I have wondered the same, 'how old are these girls?'"

Clearly, Luis D. Ortiz isn't thinking that there's something wrong with him traveling with these girls.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be posting as much as he is. But fans are genuinely concerned about his well-being and one person even suggested that he go back to New York to get some advice and support from people who care about him.

Getting support from 'MDLNY' stars?

Of course, Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund have expressed concern for Luis' well-being and happiness after he moved to Paris, but they haven't really said much about the Israel trip. It is possible that they don't know about these girls he's traveling with.

What do you think about the girls Luis D. Ortiz is traveling with? Do you think it is odd?