Maci Bookout has been keeping a low profile in Tennessee because she's possibly filming the newest season of "Teen Mom OG." The mother of three has plenty of things on her plate and Bookout wants to focus on her family. The "Teen Mom OG" star usually has a less than dramatic story on the show, because she got married, had another baby and lives a happy life with Taylor McKinney. It wasn't until this past season, where Bookout had to deal with Ryan Edwards' drug use. Bookout had no idea why Ryan was struggling with Xanax, but she kept hearing things from their mutual friends.

According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout is now revealing that she's spending some time with her girlfriends. One can imagine she's super busy with three kids all the time, so it is awesome that Maci is spending some time with her girlfriends. And it sounds like she got to spend some time at the Tennessee Volunteers football, which is something she truly enjoys. Just a few weeks ago, Maci posted a photo of two of her kids cheering on the football game from home.

Girls trip

When viewers watch "Teen Mom OG," they rarely see Maci Bookout with her girlfriends. Perhaps she wants to take some time to herself and truly enjoy some girl time. One can imagine she has opened up to some of these girls about Ryan's drug use before she talked about it on "Teen Mom OG." It is possible that some of these girls also know Ryan personally, because they may have gone to school together.

While Maci Bookout was at the girl with her friends, it is possible that Taylor was trying to keep everything together at home, as he was caring for Jayde and Maverick. Last season, the two experienced some marital troubles because they struggled to communicate. It wasn't that she questioned her relationship with Taylor, but more than she wanted to get more attention from her husband.

Drama with Ryan Edwards

Maybe the drama with Ryan Edwards took over some of the attention that she should have given her husband. While filming "Teen Mom OG," Maci got some advice from a professional, who could help her handle the situation. Even though she tried to get as much help as possible in handling the situation, Ryan's wife Mackenzie felt she was exploiting the situation.

She felt Maci was an enabler for Ryan, which didn't sit well with Bookout. This played out on the "Teen Mom OG" reunion.

What do you think about Maci Bookout's decision to spend some time with her girlfriends? Do you think she deserves some time with her friends?