Amber Portwood revealed she was leaving Matt Baier earlier this year after learning that he hadn't been honest with her. While he kept pushing marriage on Amber, she started distancing herself from him. He kept trying to push a Vegas wedding on her and when she said no because she wanted her family there, he became furious. He kept threatening her, telling her that she was a horrible person and that he would never marry her. The "Teen Mom OG" star revealed that she wanted a lie detector test done because she was doubting many things that he was saying.

She learned he had made sexual advances towards another woman, and she decided to leave him. After filming "Marriage Boot Camp," she realized their relationship was over. She then started filming a producer.

Ever since dating her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, Amber has been distancing herself from social media and her fans. One can imagine she needed to spend some time to herself, as she felt betrayed by Matt. It was quite the emotional rollercoaster for her, as she was very close to getting married. According to a new Instagram post, Amber Portwood has now returned to social media and she's focusing solely on her daughter. She shared a few posts on social media and they were all about her daughter Leah.

Focus on daughter Leah

After going public with her new relationship, Amber Portwood decided to spend some time away from the public eye. She revealed that she went to Hawaii to spend time with her new boyfriend, possibly because they are living apart. They are living in different states and Amber may not be interested in moving away from Indiana, as she can't take her daughter with her.

Instead, the two got to bond a bit during a Hawaii vacation.

These days, it sounds like Amber is enjoying time with her daughter. One can imagine Amber had to explain the situation to her daughter, as she and Matt were no longer together. While filming "Teen Mom OG," Amber learned that Leah saw Matt as a stepfather. One can imagine that it was quite the blow for her to realize that her stepfather would no longer be in her life.

Within a few months, Matt had been replaced by Andrew.

Is she getting more time with Leah?

On "Teen Mom OG," Amber Portwood tried to get more time with Leah, even though Gary Shirley has the primary custody of her. However, it sounds like she's trying to get more time with Leah. Maybe now that Matt is out of the picture she can get more time with her daughter.

What do you think about Amber Portwood's decision to post content about Leah? Do you think she has moved on from Matt?