The devil has mom problems again on next Monday’s episode of “Lucifer.” In season 3 Episode 5, Charlotte Richards returns and Lucifer believes his mother is back, but boy is he wrong. Instead, the real Charlotte is back to complicate things with Lucifer.

What happened to mom?

The last time we saw Lucifer’s mom in the season 2 finale, she had left Charlotte Richards’ body and entered a new realm. The devil opened a new dimension for his mother to disappear into. He did not allow her to return to either Hell or Heaven. Instead, he told his mom to start a new life in a new realm where she can rule.

After the divine being left its human host, the real Charlotte returned to the land of the living with no memory of what happened to her or who Lucifer and Dan are.

Dan shared his worries about Charlotte to Chloe Decker in the season 3 premiere. He thought the attorney behaved rather oddly when she woke up and did not recognize him and Lucifer Morningstar, whom he believes is Charlotte’s stepson. Of course, only Amenadiel, Lucifer, Maze and Dr. Linda (Rachel Harris) know the truth about what happened to the real Charlotte.

Charlotte Richards returns

According to the synopsis for episode 5, Charlotte returns as the defense attorney on a new case assigned to Chloe and Lucifer. They investigate the death of a food chemist and find themselves against the attorney.

Charlotte returns to the precinct, to everyone’s surprise, especially Lucifer. His face when he sees her is one of confusion and worry. He is at a loss on what to do. He cannot possibly tell her about what happened to her when his mother used her body. He also cannot tell her that she is supposed to be dead already, but because of mom, she is alive again.

In the promo for “Lucifer” season 3 episode 5, aptly titled “Welcome Back Charlotte,” Chloe questions her partner why he is so obsessed on his stepmom. Lucifer answers that he wants to get to the bottom of why she’s returned.” Perhaps he thinks that his mother is back to haunt him for what he did. He suspects that she is back for a divine reason.

Charlotte fancies Lucifer

However, mom is definitely gone and what remains is the real Charlotte who has the hots for the devil. The promo shows the attorney at Lux, where she admits that it is tough to be good. Perhaps she has been holding in her attraction to Lucifer and finally decides to give in when she meets him at his club. The trailer shows her surprise the devil with a kiss, much to Lucifer’s disgust. How can Lucifer evade the attorney's advances? Find out when episode 5 airs Oct. 30 on Fox.