Is there a "Logan" post-credit scene? That one single question has caused a lot of speculation after Fox added three minutes to the running time of the movie after critics had a chance to screen it last week. That made it almost seem assured that there would be a scene after the credits for "Logan" finished rolling.

It doesn't sound like it will happen. Director James Mangold came out on Twitter and told fans that there would not be a scene after the movie, so those who only wait through the credits to see it should leave.

'Logan' post-credits

Post-credit scenes in superhero movies are nothing new.

The X-Men universe has had plenty of their own great post-credit scenes, including one after "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" where the decapitated head of Deadpool winked at the camera. After the "Deadpool" movie itself, there was a scene that mocked "Ferris Bueller" where Deadpool asked people why they were still in the theater.

As for "Logan," the word is that the ending of the movie is a perfect send off to Hugh Jackman, who is reported to be in his final appearance as Wolverine. A post-credits scene might neuter that feeling for people leaving the theater.

'Logan' pre-credit scene?

With that said, there was still three minutes added to the movie somewhere and now there are some reports that claim that the added scene will be before the movie starts.

This would be like a prologue that sets up how the movie reached the point that it is.

For those who don't know, "Logan" takes place in the future where almost every mutant is dead and none have been born in many years. Wolverine is still alive although his adamantium skeleton is poisoning him and his healing factor is failing him.

He is caring for Charles Xavier, who has dementia and has to be kept drugged up because of his psychic powers.

Maybe the pre-credits scene will play a little with the events that led the world to this point.

The future of The X-Men Post-'Logan'

While this will be Hugh Jackman's final appearance as Wolverine (maybe), the world of the X-Men is just getting started.

There is likely to be another reboot with new actors in the iconic roles and a TV series is underway, produced by Bryan Singer. With the success of the new TV show "Legion," the future is still bright for The X-Men.

Do you think there should be a "Logan" post-credit scene? Are you excited for this final Wolverine movie? "Logan" hits theaters on March 3.