Lili Reinhart opens up about her onscreen relationship with her fellow actor Cole Sprouse. The actress has explained that the couple has a very good working relationship. Reinhart goes into detail about the kissing scenes, which take place between the pair. However, much to fans disappointment she does not address the rumors that she and Cole Sprouse are currently dating one another.

Reinhart opens up about kissing scenes

According to Glamour Magazine, Actress Lili Reinhart has opened up about her kissing scenes on the hit TV series "Riverdale." The actress plays the character of Betty Cooper who is romantically engaged with Jughead Jones since the first season of the show.

The pair shared their first kiss about midway through season one and Reinhart has revealed all in a candid interview.

The actress claimed that the scenes with fellow actor Cole Sprouse are comfortable. She has explained that when it comes to acting one knows that these types of scenes are simply part of the territory. She has revealed that the current cast of "Riverdale" are extremely comfortable with one another. They have gotten extremely close as a group over the past year making these types of scenes easy for them t film with one another.

In a report by Entertainment Reinhart revealed that it is no big deal when they have to kiss one another. She did admit though that things are slightly more awkward when someone new joins the cast.

She claimed that there is an initial nervousness in those types’ of situations but that at the end of the day it is simply a job.

There is more romance to come

According got Entertainment; there will be much more romantic scenes between Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse to come. The couple's character's relationships are being explored in much more depth in the second season of the show.

With Jughead moving to the Southside high school and the rest of the gang in Riverdale High this makes it difficult for Betty to see her boyfriend.

In a report by Glamour Magazine, this signing to make their relationship a bit rocky for some of the second season. However, when asked about this in an interview with Entertainment, Reinhart had a different view on the situation.

The actress claimed that she believes the distance between their characters will only make their love grow stronger.

Reinhart has confirmed that the couple will be addressing their love for one another this season. IN the final episode of season one fans were left in the lurch as Jughead Jones admitted his love for Betty. However, before the sentiment could be returned the SouthSide Serpents interrupted the situations.

"Riverdale" season two is available on the streaming platform Netflix. The first two episodes of the second season of the show have already been released.