Katy Perry recently found herself in a sticky situation during one of her concerts. The singer was performing some of her usual acrobatic stunts on stage when she got stuck suspended in the air. fortunately, the situated was not as serious as it could have been and Perry managed to escape unscathed. The entire event was captured by fans and shared online.

The equipment malfunctioned

According to Variety, Katy Perry was left suspended over her fans during one of her more recent concerts. Perry is known for her spectacular concerts and often flies over the crowd during her performances.

However, on this particular night, there were some Technical Difficulties with the equipment.

In a report by NME, it was revealed that Perry was left hanging mid-air for several minutes as the new tried to help her. The singer was receiving regular updates from her team about the situation. Several stagehands rushed on stage to try and help the singer but she was not spared from the videos released online.

Several days took video clips of the situation and shared them online the clips show the moment the equipment fails and the confusion, which entails shortly after this. The audience was seen cheering Perry on as she tried to distract from the situation. There has only been one malfunction of this type in any of her previous concerts but the singer handled herself extremely well.

Perry remained calm during the incident

According to the Variety, Katy Perry did not panic when the equipment first began to malfunction the singer has to be admired for this as she was suspended several feet about the ground. If the equipment had failed, altogether this could have lead to some very serious injuries for the singer.

It has been confirmed that the incident happened during a performance of one of her songs. This halted the performance but Perry was determined to provide fans with some form of entertainment. The singer continued to tell jokes throughout her time stuck suspended in the air and received great support from fans for this.

In a report by Variety, Perry continued to talk to the fans during the time she was stuck.

She made some jokes about the theme of her show, as the set surrounding her was space themed. After the show, Perry admitted that she had a moment where she did not know what to do. She stated that she considered singing another song but was afraid that she would not be backed up by her showrunners as they would have been dealing with her situation.

The concert was part of Katy Perry's "Witness "Tour which is due to continue on to the UK in the New Year.