The latest episode of Lethal Weapon” Season 2 just aired this week and it takes the show’s two main detectives on a hunt for a robber, who’s also sought after by some mean goons. Meanwhile, this week’s episode also visits Detective Martin Riggs’s childhood, giving viewers a glimpse of the family he grew up with.

The new episode titled “Flight Risk” introduces another new set of characters as Riggs and Detective Roger Murtaugh search for a man responsible for an airborne robbery. The robbery claimed the life of one of the passengers and millions of dollars worth of stolen personal items.

Diamonds and family issues

The two notorious detectives take on another exciting case to track down a man named Dan Cooper, who has a lengthy record with the police. Cooper is at large and he's the main suspect in a recent robbery and murder.

During their search, Riggs and Murtaugh accidentally discovered that the flight attendant who was at the robbery happened to be Cooper’s daughter named Nora. The daughter explained that she hid the fact that she knew Cooper and that she’s his daughter because she was afraid that the police would think that she had anything to do with the robbery.

Riggs unexpectedly convinced Nora to help them track down her father. When they finally found Cooper, they also found out that were not the only ones looking for the runaway thief.

Apparently, Cooper stole a briefcase full of diamonds worth a couple of million and Nora got caught in the middle of the case as she is taken away by the unidentified men, threatening to kill her if the diamonds aren’t returned to them.

All goes well with the exchange after Murtaugh and Riggs were able to save Nora and even apprehend the armed unidentified men with Cooper’s cooperation.

However, it seems like Riggs is still dealing with his own issues.

Riggs’s childhood revisited

“Lethal Weapon” introduced Riggs as a troubled detective because of his wife’s untimely death. The new season of the Fox series now delves deeper into his past, opening up his story back when he was still a young boy.

He talks about his father’s rifle and reveals a scene when his father first taught him to shoot and hunt.

Being exposed to guns and trained to shoot at such a young age explained why Riggs had a good aim.

However, the recent episode hinted that his relationship with his father was something he wanted to forget. In the flashback, Riggs mentioned about his mother being sick and his father simply brushed the topic off, saying that his mother will be fine because she’s just like Riggs.