Lady Gaga has been the latest celebrity to be transformed into a Wax Figure and the result was incredibly frightening. The singer's model was created by an unknown artist who was commissioned by a museum in Peru. The figure was recently revealed and pictures of it have gone viral. The wax figure looks nothing like Lady Gaga and the human qualities of the piece are extremely deformed. Fans have shared their outrage online and are questioning why the museum paid the artist for such a poor representation of the celebrity.

The figure was revealed

According to Elle Magazine, the latest wax figure of singer Lady Gaga was recently revealed in Peru.

The figure has been a considerable cause of controversy as it does not resemble the figure in the slightest. The figure was supposed to be a replica of Lady Gaga wearing her meat suit but the result is far more disturbing than intended. The nose on the figure is out of proportion and there is lipstick visible on the model's teeth.

In a report by Billboard, this is not the first model of a celebrity that has not turned out exactly right. Earlier in 2017, the wax figure of Beyoncé was revealed and showed the skin tone on the model to be much lighter than Beyoncé's natural skin. There has been no confirmation that the wax figure of Lady Gaga has been removed from the museum in Peru. The name of the artist has not yet been revealed and fans are wondering who is responsible for such a monstrosity.

Fans have taken to social media

According to Elle Magazine, fans have been posting their opinions about the Lady Gaga wax replica. They have shown their surprise and disgust at the manner in which their idol was portrayed. Several fans have left comments claiming that it looks like Lady Gaga is melting. Others have been sharing pictures of the model online and resharing it on Instagram and Twitter.

One such fan stated that it looked as if Lady Gaga had been taken over by an alien who was now wearing her skin. In a report by AU News, one Twitter user expressed their disbelief that someone was actually paid for the figure. Fans have claimed that this wax figure is not professional enough to be placed in a museum and are wondering why it has not been removed.

In a report by Billboard, fans have called the wax figure disgusting and gross. They have claimed that if they saw the model in a museum they would not be sticking around to check out any more exhibitions. Lady Gaga's fans have been tweeted their idol asking her if she was aware that this wax figure exists. This model has sparked a strong debate online and fans simply can't believe that such a wax figure exists.

Lady Gaga has not yet responded to her fans and they are eagerly awaiting her response.