Jake Paul has recently come forward with claims that another Youtuber was Bullying him. Paul, and a YouTuber known as RiceGum ,have had an online feud for years. However, Paul spoke up after RiceGum released a video that intentionally targeted him and his housemates. RiceGum, also known as Brian, left a series of controversial comments about Jake and his friends. The public has shown their outrage at this blatant act of bullying.

Claims of bullying over comments

According to Seventeen Magazine, Paul has accused his longtime rival RiceGum of bullying him online.

The YouTuber recently moved into a new house and posted a video to show fans what it looked like. Paul gave a house tour and it was clear he was excited about his new home. However, fellow YouTuber RiceGum decided to share his comments about the place.

In a report from J-14. RiceGum stated Jake Paul's new living quarters were pretty cool. He then went on to point out several aspects of the home that he did not like. He made personal comments about Jake Paul as he commented on the house, and claimed that the elevator in the home was completely redundant as their house only had two floors. RiceGum then decided to compare it to his own which has eight stories and an elevator.

He then claimed that Jake Paul and his friends only spent $10 million on their new home when he and his friends had spent $13 million on theirs.

He also targeted Paul's friends by implying that if they both got into the elevator together than it would break. RiceGum crossed the line when he suggested that the YouTubers should decorate their sitting room area with a noose.

Paul took the bullying personally

In a report by J-14, Jake Paul has called out RiceGum for his comments.

He stated that when he watched the video he was beyond shocked. Paul has claimed that the public has seen how horrible RiceGum has been acting extremely badly as of late and was simply showing the world that he was a terrible person. Paul called the fellow YouTuber a bully and insisted that he was not upset about the comments about himself but rather about his friends.

According to Seventeen Magazine, Jake Paul has left a statement on Twitter where he discussed the video RiceGum made. Paul was not okay with RiceGum targeting the people who were closest to him. He has claimed that RiceGum only uses his platform to enforce negativity and should be taken down as he uses it to bully other people in the YouTube community.

Jake Paul's fans have spoken up and stated that RiceGum went too far. The YouTuber openly attacked the members of Team 10 online in an act of revenge.