Tons of fan-made spoilers and theories about "The Walking Dead" season 8 have been in and out of the headlines since season 7 was wrapped in April this year. While there's already a bunch of predictions lurking in the buzz feed since season 7 ended, the most awaited "all-out war" seems to be a huge topic.

In the latest trailer released, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest of the survivors are seen getting ready for an all-out war, according to Undead Walking. Not too many details were hinted in the teaser video but from the looks of how everyone seems to be really serious in preparing for the battle, "The Walking Dead" Season 8 is definitely not going to be just an ordinary phase of the series this time around.

What to expect from this season's all-out war

It's already given that wars and battles will not only cost wounds and scars but the lives of every fighter in the war zone. With that, fans can only expect the worst scenarios when "The Walking Dead" season 8 returns to the small screens once again.

A handful details about the thrilling "all-out war" in the next season means more fighting and the struggle for survival can only get worse. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who got defeated by Rick and other teams in the last minute scene of season 7, will definitely not sit idly and watch his opponents win again this time.

On the other hand, due to the fact that Negan killed many valuable members of Rick's team including Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Glenn (Steven Yeun), the aim for vengeance for both parties is even, making the action-packed series more exciting to look forward to.

"It feels like our show again," said Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in the mega-popular series, according to CNet.

Who dies, who lives?

"The Walking Dead" plots have two options to give to its characters, it's either they live or they die. Now that an "all-out war" is already underway for season 8, many are expecting more blood to be spilled and more lives to be lost.

The predictions also suggest that the new season will open up new exciting storylines following the fully intensified finale of season 7.

In the middle of so many theories about what can possibly be in store when season 8 returns to the screens, everything will remain under wraps until the network and the series creators will give their final say. As to who will bring home the bacon from the war zone? - that remains a hanging question until "The Walking Dead" begins airing this coming October 23, Monday on Fox.