Kylie Jenner is getting all kinds of excited for the upcoming arrival of her first baby with boyfriend, Travis Scott. So excited, that the expectant mom-to-be reportedly went on a huge baby shopping spree, spending around $70,000 on her baby girl's first wardrobe.

Kylie Jenner is in full mom mode

Pregnancy is known to cause women to act in some strange ways. Some crave crazy food combinations, others sleep, or cry a lot. The reality mommy to be Kylie Jenner shops, and shops and shops according to TMZ. Money is obviously no object for the 20-year-old celeb who is on point to become a billionaire by the time she hits her 25th birthday.

Seriously, what baby needs $70K in clothes to spit up on?

Kylie's baby is going to be wild

Last week was one amazing news week for the reality TV family. It seems that just about every member made celebrity news headlines for one thing or another. However, it was the Kylie Jenner's pregnancy news, which was followed up just a couple of days later with Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy news that sent fans over the edge.

As previously reported, not only is Kylie Jenner pregnant but so is Khloe Kardashian, who is just three months along with her first baby with NBA star Cleveland Cavalier Triston Thompson.That makes count them three out of five sisters expecting babies in 2018. Grandma Kris has to be bursting at the seams with all the potential Kardashian/Jenner money making possibilities coming their way in the near future.

While Kim is just sitting back while her surrogate carries the heavy load of baby number three, Kylie and Khloe can do some sisterly bonding swapping all the pros and cons of their first pregnancy, not to mention all that baby shopping!

However, Kylie has a head start on Khloe, being that she is over five months along and Khloe is only three.

She also has a head start on baby shopping. Not to fear though, we are sure before it is all said and done all the Kardashian/Jenner babies of 2018 will be found on the best-dressed celebrity kid's list.

Do you believe that there will be any sibling rivalry going down in the upcoming months, or will this baby frenzy just bring the family even closer together?

We have a feeling there will be a little baby drama, don't you? Let the competition begin! Who do you believe will have the most elaborate wardrobe, Kim or Kylie's daughters, or will it be Khloe's (sex-to-be determined) baby? Cast your votes in the comment section.