The hype surrounding Game of Thrones is too big that it is even considered as a phenomenal television show. In fact, its cast members are popularly known all over the world, and some are even included in the most highest-paid stars on TV.

However, there are also consequences for being too famous. In an interview with the Guardian, Kit Harington, who plays the fan-favorite Jon Snow, revealed his frustrations for being widely known.

The end of fame

Kit Harington described the “Game of Thrones” phenomenon as “bizarre and weird.”

The 30-year-old star even gave an example to the Guardian when he was in Spain and there were about 500 to 600 people camping outside his hotel every single day.

Whenever he had to go out, he had to go through this thick crowd.

“It feels like being Bieber or something,” he said explaining the feeling. When he became the “GoT” heartthrob, he, too, seemed to become a superhero of everyone. This part of being famous is something that he really didn’t enjoy. Although he knows he has a lot of privileges for being at the peak of his career, he doesn’t want to sound like he is whining about it.

He admitted that he is glad that he has the chance to be recognized around the world. But as “Game of Thrones” Season 8 will be its final bow, then everything about his fame might also come to an end. “You couldn’t go on for much longer. It’s a bit incessant,” he admitted.

Ending up doing the same thing

In spite of being emotional in the recent table read of “Game of Thrones” Season 8, Kit Harington is actually looking forward to putting an end to his character as Jon Snow.

Rose Leslie’s fiancé admitted that he is tired of doing a medieval and historical television show. The English actor has been through a lot when filming “GoT” from being on the cold island of Iceland to four intense and epic battle scenes.

Thus, he is wishing to do simpler series with natural action-packed scenes where he can hold a gun instead.

“No more swords, no more horses – and maybe I can cut my hair,” he told the Guardian. However, he ended up doing the same thing when he did BBC’s new miniseries, “Gunpowder.” In his role as Robert Catesby, he is also holding sword, horses, and still has long locks just like Jon Snow.

So, he realized that he just kept on saying things, but end up doing the same.

He felt weird for doing another television show that also has a touch of “GoT.” In fact, he was the one who pitched this story. “It doesn’t mean I’m always going to play swords and horses,” he cleared.