The NBC hit show, "This is Us," always seems to throw curve balls to their viewers. Last week's episode ended with the shocking revelation that Kate is six weeks pregnant. She hasn't told her fiancé Toby yet, but that's what fans will be tuning in to see this week.

Episode 5 of season 2 is titled "Brothers" and will show Kate sharing the big news with Toby. The episode will also flash back to Jack taking his boys Kevin and Randall on a Camping Trip, hoping that it will bring them closer. In the present day, Kevin and Randall will attend a fundraiser for Sophie's hospital.

A baby on the way

"This is Us" has a myriad of storylines going on already, and we are only five weeks into the sophomore season. Each week, more layers to the story are revealed, and last week was no exception. Kate's pregnancy was something that nobody saw coming. Luckily for fans, Kate will be sharing the exciting news with her fiancé Toby on the October 24 episode. It won't be something that is going to take weeks to reveal. Although it wasn't planned, the pregnancy will undoubtedly make Toby a happy man.

When "This is Us" creator Dan Fogelman spoke with magazine "Entertainment Weekly" about when the writers planned on adding Kate's pregnancy to the story, he had the following to say:

"Since early in season 1, we’ve been talking about doing this at some point in this season.

There was a slight debate of how early in the season and how late in the season we were going to do it, but this has always been part of our plan here," Fogelman said.

The pregnancy is undoubtedly a huge surprise and an exciting addition to the show, and it will be interesting to see how it all pans out through the season. Other things happening this week on "This is Us" are below.

Kevin and his addiction

Fans already know that addiction runs in the Pearson family. We are now seeing that Kevin may have his own struggles with addiction. The subject was touched on briefly in past episodes, but previews for the upcoming episode show Kevin calling in a prescription for his pain medication while he is drinking a beer.

He also mentions on the phone that he knows the prescription was already filled one more time then it should have been.

Also, this week, while Jack is on a camping trip with Kevin and Randall, Rebecca finds out that Jack's dad is sick and does not have much longer to live. She informs Jack of the news and encourages him to go and see his father. From the previews, we don't know if Jack goes, but we do know that Rebecca does.