Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) is about to meet his greatest adversary in the Sinnerman. The first two episodes in “Lucifer” season 3 only alluded to the character and emphasized how dangerous he is. The devil will soon find out who he is up against with when his nemesis makes an appearance in episode 6 aptly titled. “The Sinnerman.”

Episode 6 appearance

Kevin Carroll (“Leftover”) expressed his excitement to portray the mysterious Sinnerman in a tweet. He also confirmed that his character will debut in Episode 6. Fans welcomed the actor to the show and expressed their anticipation to finally see Lucifer’s adversary.

What happens in ‘The Sinnerman’?

Fox has yet to provide the details or synopsis about the episode, though the title itself is self-revealing. It is unclear whether or not Lucifer will finally see the man himself face-to-face. Perhaps there will be a confrontation between the two, where the devil asks about his wings and demon face. Viewers may remember that the Sinnerman is responsible for the return of Lucifer’s wings and the disappearance of his demon face too.

However, it is likely that the episode will delve into the villain’s background.

Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich revealed in previous interviews that the Sinnerman has ties to Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling). In episode 2, “The One With The Baby Carrot,” viewers learned that the Sinnerman killed someone close to the lieutenant. Perhaps Marcus’ familiarity with the man goes beyond his field of work.

He knows that the Sinnerman is dangerous and warned Lucifer to be careful when he heard him grumble publicly about the deprived criminal mastermind.

Who is the Sinnerman to Lucifer?

The Lord of Darkness senses that he is up against a far greater power. He believes that the Sinnerman is no ordinary person since he was able to remove his demon face and cursed him with his wings.

It does not matter how many times Lucifer hacks and whacks them off since they apparently stay glued on his back. Tom Ellis clearly hinted at the Sinnerman in an old interview, where he talked about the new characters in “Lucifer” season 3. He revealed that, in the installment, someone will test the devil in ways that he has not been tested before.

Likewise, the writers clearly envisioned the Sinnerman as the Big Bad of season 3 when they made the show’s pilot episode and the four stand-alone stories.The scene where Lucifer sat on his piano and sang his version of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” alludes to the character. According to Bleeding Cool, the last scene in the stand-alone episode "Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith" also connects the plot to the Sinnerman in the final scene.