Kesha had an interview with the latest edition of Rolling Stone, and she talked about how she realized she had an eating disorder and when she decided to get help. She also talked about her new album as well as the friendship she formed with “Blank Space” singer Taylor Swift.

The interview with Kesha came after she released her latest album titled “Rainbows,” which is her first in four years. She has been in a hiatus in music since her legal battle with Dr. Luke. She wanted her contract with the music producer invalidated so she could release songs outside of Dr.

Luke’s authority but a judge denied that in 2016.

Kesha on her eating disorder

In 2014, the lawsuit between her and Dr. Luke began wherein she claimed that he sexually, physically, mentally, and emotionally abused her. In the same year, Kesha entered a rehabilitation center due to her Eating Disorder. According to E! News, 30-year-old Kesha talked about how she recovered from her eating disorder in her Rolling Stone interview. The moment she realized her disorder already got out of hand and she already needed treatment was when she was at a dinner party, and she pretended to eat her food, but in reality, she hid her meal.

She said that she thought to herself she no longer wanted to pretend because she was hungry.

Kesha said that there were times she also purged because of all the times she did not eat. She got tired of that routine and felt so anxious because she was “mad that I had let myself get to that point.” Kesha also revealed that she sometimes cried because she did not want to eat as she believed food will make her fat and if she gets fat she can no longer be a singer because “pop stars can’t eat food – they can’t be fat.”

The singer said after that dinner party, she met her mom at a gas station and revealed that she needed help.

Kesha then checked into rehab after that realization.

Kesha on her new album

Kesha also talked about her new album noting that it was very personal as she wrote every song herself. She said that the songs talked about her and what she has gone through. She referred to the album as the thing that saved her life, and she hoped that her fans would love it and could help people the way it helped her.

Kesha on Taylor Swift

A lot of artists in the music industry stood up for Kesha when the whole lawsuit with Dr. Luke blew up. One of those artists is Swift, who donated $250,000 to Kesha. According to Kesha, Swift always picks up the phone whenever she needs someone to talk to. She referred to Swift as a sweetheart and someone who has been genuine in supporting her.