Pink is unsure of what happened between Dr. Luke and Kesha, but she is certain that their ongoing legal battle is a result of his wrongdoings in the past. In an exclusive interview with the New York Times, the "Just Like A Pill" singer suggested that her former music producer has earned the consequences of his acts.

"I know that regardless of whether or not Dr. Luke did that, this is his karma and he earned it because he’s not a good person," she explained.

She said that the music producer is "not a kind person" who has done nothing good for the industry.

Pink candidly admitted that she does not feel bad for Dr. Luke, regardless of what he is going through right now.

Celebrities react to Kesha's sexual assault case against Dr. Luke

Dr. Luke has yet to make a comment on Pink's remarks against him. Kesha, on the other hand, earned the support of her fellow singers during her sexual assault case against the music producer. Some of the celebrities who have spoken up to take her side include Ariana Grande, Halsey, Lady Gaga, and Lorde, who took to social media to share their thoughts on the issue.

Inside Kesha and Dr. Luke's ongoing legal battle

Kesha's sexual assault case against Dr.

Luke dated back to 2014, when she sued her producer for sexual assault, battery, gender violence, and emotional abuse. The "Tik Tok" artist alleged that she was repeatedly drugged by her music producer, who reportedly took advantage of her while she was unconscious.

The alleged rape took place after the two attended Nicky Hilton’s birthday bash where Dr.

Luke reportedly gave Kesha "sober pills" before he took her to his hotel room where the incident happened. The singer's mom, Pebe Sebert, claimed she received a call from her daughter who appeared to be disoriented when she described her current condition.

Pebe Sebert cited in her affidavit what Kesha told her after the incident.

"Mom, I just want to sing. I don’t want to be a rape-case victim. I just want to get my music out. I didn’t follow my instincts," she recounted.

Kesha's move to file a lawsuit against Dr. Luke came after she spent a month inside a Chicago facility to treat her eating disorder. Shortly after the sexual assault case was filed, the controversial music producer also filed a countersuit for defamation.

He also filed a separate defamation suit against Pebe Sebert a couple of weeks later. Kesha continued the legal battle and added Sony for allegedly turning "a blind eye" to the alleged sexual assault. In August, Lady Gaga agreed to testify in the ongoing case.