Kelly Clarkson did not want anything to do with Dr. Luke and she was willing to lose a lot of money just to break away from the music producer. Clarkson claimed last year that she was blackmailed into working with Dr. Luke.

Clarkson speaks about issue in detail

According to E! News, Clarkson sat down for an interview with Z100’s Mo’ Bounce and the mother-of-two talked about what took place and why she lost millions just so she would not work with Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald. The “American Idol” winner pointed out that there were a lot of times in her career when people do not see her as the writer of her song.

She revealed that sometimes she does not write her songs but most of the time she does.

However, Clarkson said that sometimes, even if the song was written by somebody else, she sometimes changes the song to make it more her. She does credit them still because she believes that other artists sometimes steal from writers, whose livelihood is actually writing songs.

As for that one song, which remains unnamed, she said that she changed some parts of the song and she did not credit herself for it because she did not want her name near the music producer's name. She said she changed it a bit because she did not want Dr. Luke to “sit on my record” unless she did what was asked of her. She recalled being really frustrated at that time and she recounted that she said she will work with anyone in the world but not with him.

Clarkson said she lost credit over the song and also cash because she really wanted to make a point that she did not want to work with Dr. Luke even if it meant losing a lot of money. She said that she was guaranteed to be the most famous person if she does what was asked of her but she declined because fame was “not what holds weight” in her life, Huffington Post shared.

Negative experience with Dr. Luke

Clarkson further revealed in the interview that she did not have a great experience with the music producer prior to the songwriting pairing with him. She said that the negative experience led her to not want to ever work with him. She did say, however, that Dr. Luke is a super talented person but she did not reveal details as to what the experience was about.

The singer clarified that the negative experience was nothing like that of Kesha. Kesha and Dr. Luke have been in a legal battle for years now. Kesha accused Dr. Luke of mentally, physically, and sexually abusing her.

Dr. Luke has not commented on this issue yet.