The latest episode of the new Marvel series, The Gifted aired this week and revealed the mutants’ gallant attempt to save Lorna Dane (Polaris) and Reed Strucker from the clutches of the Sentinel Services. In addition to that, the mutants found out that fellow mutant Gus (Pulse) was still alive, and was somehow working for the Sentinel Services.

Now that the Struckers have reunited and Polaris is back with the underground community of mutants, everyone’s preparing for a war. “The Gifted” episode 4 capped off with the Sentinel Services declaring all-out war on the mutants, after their two prisoners got away.

Mutants vs Sentinel Services

Fox revealed the new preview for next week’s episode, and things are clearly going to heat up with Polaris now on the loose. The mutant went through hell when she was detained, and the trailer is suggesting that she might just be looking forward to this war, so she can wreak havoc.

Agent Jace Turner is angry, and he's dead set on hunting down every living mutant, including the ones who helped them, whether or not they're mutants. Sonia (Dreamer) confirmed that a war is coming, but she mentioned the X-Men, so something's definitely up.

Nonetheless, the mutants’ underground community is already preparing for the war against the mutants as John Proudstar (Thunderbird) is seen stacking huge blocks to defend to their fort.

Meanwhile, Clarice Fong (Blink) has fully recovered, and even improved her powers.

In the new trailer, Blink is seen opening portals so the mutants can launch a surprise attack on the Sentinel Services. The Fox show never failed to display the mutant’s powers at colossal levels, and fans won’t be disappointed with the upcoming episode.

While Blink is helping out with the portals, Polaris is on fire and goes all out in attacking the Sentinel Services. The preview of “The Gifted” episode 5 revealed Polaris as well as Thunderbird attacking their enemies.

Marvel series to explain the July 15 Incident

One of the most anticipated revelations in the upcoming episode is the July 15 Incident that has been troubling fans since it was first mentioned in the show.

The show has yet to reveal what really went down on that day, but it’s certain it was a day that changed the world.

Agent Jace said he lost his daughter to the July 15 incident, which led him to despise mutants. Meanwhile, Marco Diaz (Eclipse) pointed out that a lot of people died from both sides, hinting that the mutants had a huge role in the said incident.

The flashback on the July 15 Incident will feature Thunderbird and Agent Jace, as revealed in the new trailer. “The Gifted” Episode 5 titled “BoXed In” is scheduled to air on October 30 on Fox.