This week has seen an outpouring of revelations about the nature of sexual misconduct in Hollywood. The latest story involves Finn Wolfhard's agent Tyler Grasham. Tyler's long history of Sexual Abuse and assault has been revealed online. It has been confirmed that Wolfhard knew nothing about these allegations and it is likely that he could have been one of Grasham's next victims. The young actor quickly made the decision to fire his agent.

The agent's criminal history became known

According to NME, Finn Wolfhard who plays the character of Mike in "Stranger Things" has recently fired his agent, Tyler Grasham.

The young actor made the decision when Tyler's past was revealed to him. Finn Wolfhard learned that a young aspiring actor claimed Grasham sexually assaulted him a few years ago. In a report by the Hollywood Reporter, this was not an isolated incident and several other young male actors have been coming forward over the years with similar claims.

According to NME, one particular actor, Blaise Lipman, went on the record to detail exactly what happened between himself and Grasham. He claimed that Grasham would purposefully get him drunk before sexually assaulting him. Lipman claimed he was young, naive and taken advantage of by an adult who he trusted. He has shared his story to prevent the same thing happening to other young men in the acting world.

Lipman posted an account of his experience with Grasham online as part of the #metoo campaign. This is a current campaign, which is encouraging those who have been the victims of sexual assault and harassment to come forward and to call out those who committed these crimes against them. Lipman had a lot to say about the situation and is glad that Wolfhard made the decision to get away from the predatory agent.

Wolfhard was unaware of risk

In a report by the deadline, Wolfhard was completely unaware of these past allegations. The actor has explained that he would never have agreed to work with Tyler if he had known about his past. Wolfhard has shown his understanding of the entertainment industry at a young age. The actor has been exposed to the ugly side of the entertainment world and is certainly learning a lot due to the Harvey Weinstein case.

In a report by the Telegraph, there has been an outpouring of revelations among the acting community about the abuse that they have suffered. Several startling accounts have been shared in an attempt to reveal the truth about the nature of Hollywood. Famous actors and actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Lawrence have come forward with stories of their own.

Finn Wolfhard is working hard on making himself a name in the entertainment industry. He has signed up for the third season of "Stranger Things" and recently appeared in the horror movie "IT."