Recently, a lot of actresses have finally come forward about their experiences involving sexual harassment. Harvey Weinstein’s case prompted women to expose the entertainment mogul’s decades of abuse. To stop future harassment from happening again, one of Hollywood’s top female executive suggested a way for women in the industry to be protected by these kinds of attacks.

A harsh punishment for criminals

Elle’s Women in Hollywood event happened in Beverly Hills this Monday. With a room full of amazing women, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy took the opportunity to talk about the sexual misconducts of famed Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein.

The president was firm in her speech and discussed how indecent acts should never be tolerated.

The Lucasfilm executive calls for a preventive action in the future. She wants the industry to have a solid law against future civil and human rights violation in the coming future. She also spoke about Weinstein’s case and how it has increased the awareness of objectification, predation, and belittlement of women in films over the years.

Kennedy wants the sexual predators to feel threatened and tell them that their power in the industry is not enough to keep them safe from their sexual misconducts. She also praised women who came out with their stories for being brave all this time. After all, it is not easy to keep such experiences to oneself for many years.

It’s finally time to expose these sexual predators on their crimes.

Commission against abuse

To prevent such incidents from happening again, the Lucasfilm president called for no tolerance policy for abusive behaviors in Hollywood. A system where reports can be taken care of without the actresses getting their careers damaged.

She called the American film industry to make a commission that will be in give an “industry-wide” protection against sexual abuse and other forms of harassment. Kennedy suggested that this commission should be paid by the industry to cater to the growing concerns of abuse. The goal is to transform Hollywood into what it is today to a workplace that is free from harassment in the future.

The Elle’s Women in Hollywood event also saw actress like Jennifer Lawrence and Reese Witherspoon share their past experiences of sexual harassment in the past. Lawrence shared her humiliating experience in a “naked line-up” and Witherspoon shared a sexual assault made to her by a director when she was only 16 years old.

Hollywood is currently in the middle of scrutiny after many allegations of sexual abuse against people fo power. If Kennedy’s proposal can be put in action, many actors and actresses can work without being abused.