The official Synopsis of episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super” was finally revealed. The latest official translations have been released, shedding light on the last updates of theDragon Ball Super” franchise.

Fans are now looking forward to "Dragon Ball Super" episode 112 titled, "A Saiyan's Vow! Vegeta's Resolution" wherein Vegeta will be seen rescuing Cabba. With Hit out of the tournament, it could be hard for universe 6 to beat the remaining warriors.

Official synopsis of episode 112

Title:The promise of a Saiyan. Vegeta’s determination

Release date: October 21

Synopsis: According to the translation we’ve received, the pride and the brotherhood bonds of the Saiyans push Vegeta to rescue Cabba.

Now that Universe 6 team has lost Hit (their strongest warrior), the rest of the Universes are seizing the opportunity this situation offers, pressing their attack against Champa's team.

In this context, Cabba is about to get thrown out of the arena but to his fortune, Vegeta shows up and tries to rescue his apprentice.

Although this synopsis is indeed short, this would only be part 1 and we expect the rest of the information to show up in the next upcoming hours.

Hit truly eliminated?

The synopsis implies that Hit has been defeated, although there is no explanation on whether if he has been thrown out of the arena, or just left unconscious. Let’s recall that Toshio Yoshitaka, plot writer of the series, has been announcing for over the last three months that there will be a battle in the Tournament of Power between the assassin from Universe 6, and the Prince of the Saiyans.

What will really happen with Universe 6’s strongest warrior?

He is, in fact, Champa’s team's biggest hope, and without him, Universe 6 morale will probably get devastated and, eventually, the team will get eliminated.

What will happen with the rest of the team?

According to this information, many things would make sense, mainly the coordinated attack between Caulifla and Kale to a severely wounded Goku.

It would only be logical that the female Saiyans from Universe 6 choose to seize this opportunity to last longer in the tournament and survive, even though they have forged some sort of friendship with the protagonist of the series.

But let’s not forget that the synopsis is not accurate on how will the legendary assassin be defeated, so there is still a chance that Hit will only be left unconscious after his battle against Jiren. This would leave the chance to see him fighting again in the tournament.

Surely, Universe 6 will still have a chance to survive and keep fighting in the tournament.