Kailyn Lowry is no stranger to drama, especially when it comes to the media. She knows that fans are eager to give attention to rumors, especially when it has to do with her body, her surgeries, her personal relationships, and her children. Over the past few years, the "Teen Mom 2" has been through plenty of rumors. Many times, she lets the rumors slide and it sounds like she doesn't really care about what people and sources say about her. Lowry will often retweet Stories that are true about her or are favorable opinions about her.

According to a tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that fans should just believe the media whatever they write about her.

Of course, Lowry has gone through several harsh and uncalled for rumors and comments. One can imagine she's had to grow some thick skin to deal with the rumors. Over the past couple of months, Kailyn has received hundreds of tweets about her decision to have a third baby with a third man. She's not the first "Teen Mom" star to do this and she's definitely not the first person to do this and yet fans have been furious with her decision.

Swimming in rumors

Even though she's open about her life on "Teen Mom 2," Kailyn Lowry reveals that she's not exactly thrilled about people believing all the rumors about her. She's often ignoring the rumors, but she's also good at spreading false stories herself.

She will frequently share tweets that are vague and people will assume she's talking about Javi Marroquin, given their troublesome relationship on "Teen Mom 2." She won't clarify her tweets.

Of course, if fans were to believe everything about her, Kailyn Lowry would have had several abortions, would be neglecting her children and would be exposing her little son to all kinds of bacteria by bringing him on a plane to New York City.

Worst rumors about her

One of the worst rumors about her is that Kailyn Lowry had an abortion because she didn't want a child with Javi Marroquin. While they were filming "Teen Mom 2," Kailyn revealed she had suffered a miscarriage while they were married. The two of them ended up divorcing and she blamed the miscarriage for changing their relationship.

Some people believe she had an abortion so she could get out of the marriage and not have another baby with him.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweet about believing what the media is writing about her? Do you think she's mocking the people who believe everything they read?