Kailyn Lowry is currently watching this season of "Teen Mom 2" and it sounds like she isn't too happy about the way some of the things are playing out. Of course, Lowry's friend did hint that she was pregnant on last week's episode and Lowry shared a picture with her friend of the MTV cameras, asking her not to speak out about it. Clearly, Lowry wants to keep her pregnancy to herself on the show and she isn't too happy about people being so inquisitive about it all. However, Lowry does want to speak out about how some of the producers may be provoking some of the stars on the show to get more raw footage.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry spoke out about the producers possibly getting too involved in the storylines on the show. She decided to speak out after her co-star, Chelsea DeBoer, revealed that her conversations on the show were edited to represent something that it wasn't. This was rather shocking to her, so Kailyn decided to speak out as well, revealing that the producers were trying to provoke her during a scene where her son was crying.

MTV star not happy with producers?

Of course, "Teen Mom 2" is supposed to be an honest and raw show, where the stars are happy, honest and normal. In the beginning, the producers weren't supposed to speak out or even get camera time, but over the past couple of seasons, the producers have gotten more involved.

They want to encourage storylines and they often speak about sensitive subjects that get the girls emotional. Chelsea and Kailyn are not the first people to speak out about this.

It is sad that these girls feel they can't be honest or get a true representation on the show.

Is Lowry busy with gender reveal party?

When Kailyn Lowry isn't watching "Teen Mom 2" and getting frustrated with the way she's portrayed, Lowry is busy preparing for her third baby. She's due in August, but she hasn't revealed when she could possibly give birth. Kailyn has revealed that she wants to wait until the birth to figure out if she's having a boy or a girl, so it is possible that she will have a gender reveal party once the baby is born.

No word on whether she's planning a public reveal for her fans, but it is sad that the poor editing and provoking by the producers are overshadowing her Gender Reveal joy these days.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea speaking out about the MTV producers and them possibly provoking situations to make them more entertaining?