Popstar Miley Cyrus shot to fame after her teen series, Hannah Montana,” became a major hit among fans. She gained popularity at a very tender and young age. But since then, there have been a lot of transformations in Miley’s life. These abrupt changes were evident in her looks and choice of performances. This was around the time her hit single, “Can’t Stop Now” was launched. A report by Daily Mail described her looks as being “racy” and “raunchy.” It was during this time that the singer broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus getting back to normal

Rumors suggest that everything seems to be returning back to normal for Miley lately. A couple of months back, it was confirmed that she is back with Hemsworth. She also sports the typical “all-American girl” looks in her public appearances. In the latest images posted by Daily Mail, the singer is seen wearing cropped, hugging jeans. She pairs this up with a navy-blue t-shirt. The simplicity is now visible in Miley’s choice of clothing.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley's relationship

The singer made the headlines recently, for sharing key details about her break up with Hemsworth. The two broke up back in 2013. According to her, the main reason why this took place was that of their lack of time for the relationship.

But they are very much back together, Miley suggested. She had decided to cut her hair short last year. The singer sported the blonde, pixie look for the longest time possible. But lately, she has been growing her hair out. Previously, her make-up was heavy and bright but not anymore. The celebrity is opting for a more natural application of makeup.

In comparison to the looks that she pulled off all of the last years, this is a radical change.

Miley now looks like the “girl-next-door,” again. She used to be described as the “girl-next-door,” back when she was playing Hannah Montana. She can be seen opting for her country-style looks again. The latest pictures are a proof that Miley is back to what she used to be during her “Hannah Montana” days.

The latest Daily Mail article has done a thorough comparison of Miley’s looks from her wild times to the recent wholesome times. Even experts at Elle Magazine have made the same claim. What’s the reason behind Miley’s revival of her past? Many believe that it is because Liam Hemsworth is finally back in her life. While others feel that she is just done with the “wild” and “raunchy” kind of a lifestyle.