Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez were reportedly spending time together at her place in Los Angeles on Sunday. In a report obtained by Entertainment Tonight, both remained good friends despite ending their romantic relationship in 2014. Beiber and Gomez had dated each other for three years.

In one of the photos obtained by TMZ, Beiber was seen arriving at Gomez's house in his white Mercedes G-Wagon. Fans need not worry about the recent news since the pop singer is still with The Weeknd. A source told ET that both spent their time together with their mutual friends.

Meanwhile, The Weekend was reportedly on tour and hence, he was not found spending the time with the group.

The exes hangout

Following the news about Beiber and Gomez' reunion, it was learned that it was not the first time for the former couple to spend time together. Back in February, Beiber and Gomez reportedly crossed paths as both attended Rihanna's GRAMMY after-party in West Hollywood. Beiber was spotted arriving at the event, while Gomez was also seen getting an intimate moment with her boyfriend at the party. A report from TMZ also shared that the get-together at Gomez' house was not a secret. In fact, her boyfriend was fully aware of their hang outs.

Selena remains friends with Justin

Despite The Weeknd being out of the scene, TMZ added that he was aware of the exes having good times together with their pals.

Gomez and Beiber, together with their mutual friends, reportedly enjoyed the party until midnight. However, it was confirmed that there's nothing romantic that's happening between the former couple. Despite ending their relationship, Gomez remained friends with Beiber. Both first reconnected when Gomez had her kidney transplant operation.

Both had been talking for quite some time and The Weeknd is reportedly aware of it. Despite the reunion between the two pop singers, sources confirmed that Gomez and The Weeknd are still going strong with their relationship. One of the recent photos of Gomez featured her walking into her studio on Sunday evening. Gomez was wearing her sweatsuit and white sneakers.

About ten minutes later, her former boyfriend arrived on his white G-wagon.

Modern exes

It seemed that the former couple is setting the trend to just remain friends with the exes. The former couple, who dated each other from 2011 until 2014, seemed to have moved forward from their previously romantically-shared relationship.