Rumors have swirled since last December that Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her husband, Austin Forsyth, have been having sex before marriage. Although this isn't a huge deal for most people, this is a major no-no for the Duggar family. The mega-family is so against sex before marriage that they have many rules in place to help prevent it from occurring, including only allowing "courting" couples to give one another side-hugs and not hold hands until marriage. In order to keep children accounted for, the family also does not allow couples who are not married to be fully alone with one another.

Joy-Anna sparked some major rumors when she started courting her now-husband, Austin Forsyth, and it seems she just can't shake them.

Is she further along than she claims?

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth excitedly shared the news that she was expecting a baby just 18 weeks after her honeymoon. This is pretty standard fare for the Duggar family, as all of the women who have married have announced a pregnancy almost exactly three weeks later. However, the media started to notice something strange about her pregnancy: she seemed a lot bigger than most women at three months. Several pointed out that they didn't think the Duggar daughter was only 18 weeks along, and a couple of doctors weighed in on the subject.

According to the experts, she is much further along than she has stated, and they are pegging her at about 24-26 weeks pregnant. She also indicated in an Instagram post that she could "feel" her baby kicking, but the doctors consulted say that when she announced her pregnancy, she was not far enough along to feel fetal movement.

They believe that Joy-Anna conceived before her wedding date.

Other clues she was pregnant at her wedding

While Duggar fans noted that Joy was looking thinner than usual on her wedding date, many have suspected that something was up due to the fact that the wedding was moved. The pair originally announced that they would be marrying in October of 2017, but suddenly popped up on social media with photos of a wedding from May 2017.

Many believe that moving up the wedding in this fashion is indicative of the couple having to get married in a hurry. Others noted that there was autumn decor at the wedding, which didn't seem to fit in with a May wedding. Still, other fans have noted that Joy-Anna is often hiding her belly on "Counting On," leading them to believe that she knew she was pregnant well before her trip down the aisle.