To kick off the new season of "Kindred Spirits," Amy and Adam investigate one of the most well-known and iconic haunted houses in the country. The Lizzie Borden House is located in Fall River, Massachusetts, and now serves as a museum and bed-and-breakfast.

Helping people find answers is the main goal of every investigation

Although the home has been extensively investigated by paranormal teams, this case will be unusual for Amy and Adam since their primary mission isn't to contact spirits that may still reside in the Borden home. Their main focus is on Sue, a tour guide who is having paranormal experiences in the home.

She believes her grandparents' spirits may be with her and since the home has such a dark past, she feels they may be trying to protect her from something ominous.

Chip Coffey returns to help find answers to what Sue is experiencing in the home

Amy and Adam call in world-renowned psychic Chip Coffey to assist them on the investigation, and it isn't long before the team begins to figure out what's really happening. In an unusual twist, they also reach out to the spirits of the Borden's to help them uncover the truth for Sue.

The responses they get are surprising and very revealing. Sue is left with a message that is painful to hear, but ultimately it forces her to confront a sad truth that she can no longer avoid.

Amy and Adam are serious about helping each family find a resolution, and Amy told Week in Weird that it's great that they can examine and research each case thoroughly from start to finish.

On every case they tackle, Amy and Adam walk the people they're helping through the entire process, and at the end they go on to explain how to deal with the paranormal activity. She believes that's an important part of what has been previously lacking in many paranormal cases.

Amy and Adam will be assisting several other families this season as they conduct more amazing investigations, research the history of the homes and the surrounding area, and capture evidence on a myriad of both old and new devices that will help uncover the mysteries surrounding each case.

In the end, their goal is to help families overcome their fear by understanding what is going on around them. Only then are they able to reclaim their homes and their lives.

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